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The Pursuit Of Hapiness (2006)

Contribuição de Maria do Carmo Ciasca (como parte de um projeto que coordenei há algum tempo)

Year: 2006
Time: 117 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Biography/ Drama
Director: Gabriel Muccino
Will Smith as Cris Gardner
Janden Smith as Christopher
Thandie Newton as Linda

Gris Gardner (Will Smith) is a family man who had invested all the family’s savings in Ostelo National bone- density scanners an apparatus twice more expensive than a X- ray with the same results, believing that would be a really success. After that he was trying to sell all those machines. Her wife was really disappointed with having no money and left him with their sun Christopher (Janden Smith ). He decided to try to be a stockbroker and started a very struggling internship with no salary and in the end only one could be hired.

This is a very touching movie based on a true story, that makes you think in how you should face the challenges and never give up of a dream. Although this movie be the first one for Jaden Smith, he is really brilliant.



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